Florida Sober Living Plus 3/4 Home for Men
recovery way sober living home for men


  Est. 2009

This is a great house! Super clean with men that have multiple years of recovery including me (Matthew Cooper with 28 years) who lives here. THIS IS OUR 11th YEAR! We know what we are doing! See those guys in the pictures, more than two thirds of them have 4 plus years clean!

Sober Living (plus 3/4 living) the way it's supposed to be:

You have unlimited freedom to come and go as long as you are working with rent paid. $185.00 with a real job moves you in THEN $185.00 PER WEEK. Aside from reasonable curfew and NO DRUGS or ALCOHOL there are virtually no rules. Of course you cant bring girls home but who wants that mess. Let's help each other live like men and get time under our belts so we never have to go back to that living hell.

(please see Recovery Way Pricing page for explanation)

This is Great News for once a Sober House that is really a Sober House!!! Recovery Way a TRUE safe and sober living house there will be no addicts returning that have used drugs and or alcohol or men not willing to comply thus creating a double standard. If you leave or are asked to leave Recovery Way (using drugs and or alcohol of course is part of this) for any reason you can NEVER return. We do not bargain and NEVER go back on this. Regardless on your ability to pay, whether you agree to go to a detox center or drug treatment program we make no concessions. Once you leave or are asked to leave you can NEVER return! 

HOW DO WE DO THIS: We interview all men before accepting them in our home!

In 2007 Matthew Cooper began his role as director of a 3 unit sober living community (having no desire to help anyone but himself) until opening up Recovery Way Men's sober house in May 2009. It became an instant success having a reputation of successfully helping men find a new way to live without the use of drugs or alcohol with his "no grey area approach and no double standards". In his role as administrator of Recovery Way, he remains committed to supporting those who struggle with addiction and to "give back to community which so freely gave to him".

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